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If you're looking for monologues for women, from dramatic to comedic, find your perfect monologue and be a star!

A limited edition monologue for audition can be the answer to your quest for finding great monologues, that aren't overused and "tired." I only license 100 copies of each monologue and never anymore, keeping you unique and sure to inspire your audience.

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Dramatic Monologue – The Short Goodbye


Price:  $10.00

Fed up with her life and particularly her husband, our protagonist is in the midst...

Dramatic Monologue - The Funeral Home

Dramatic Monologue – The Funeral Home


Price:  $10.00

As a young woman sits with a funeral home director, she is distracted and over...

Dramatic Monologue - Look Out A Cougar

Dramatic Monologue – Look Out A Cougar


Price:  $10.00

Silvia is forty and has been a stay-at-home-mom ever since she got married at...

Dramatic Monologue - Jackson

Dramatic Monologue – Jackson


Price:  $10.00

Mesmerized is the word I would use to describe the female lead of this monologue....

dramatic monologue - A Time To Move On

Dramatic Monologue – A Time To Move On


Price:  $10.00

As we join Yanka and Ivan we see them in an increasingly heated discussion about...

Dramatic Monologue - He Wasn't Lost - He Was Taken

Dramatic Monologue – He Wasn’t Lost, He Was Taken


Price:  $10.00

As a young woman who lost her husband in one of the towers on 9/11...

Dramatic Monologue Yogurt

Dramatic Monologue – Yogurt


Price:  $10.00

Carla just celebrated her 5 year anniversary with her boyfriend and all she has...

Dramatic Monologue - Rose

Dramatic Monologue – Rose


Price:  $10.00

Our protagonist, Michele, is tired of being by herself as her husband...

More Comedic Monologues For Women

More Dramatic Monologues For Women



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Your monologue is delivered in PDF format within 24 hours after payment.  Order notification goes directly to my cell phone, so often it’s much sooner, even if it’s 3am!


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AuthorsMy authors come from all around the world.  I am very pleased to bring you their stunning works.  I will be releasing more online as soon as I get them ready.  All monologues are 100% original, never before released, and reside here exclusively on Monologues For Women.  All monologues are created by talented and experienced writers.


I only sell 100 licenses for each monologue and after that, they’re gone!

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When you look around for a monologue, there are some frustrating aspects:

  1. You’re forced into using the same monologues as everyone else but yet you want to be unique to set yourself apart from your competitors.
  2. Once you buy a monologue book, you’re faced with often regurgitated content that is already old and worn out before you even begin.

That’s just not good enough!

To demonstrate your acting diversity as an actresses, you often use a dramatic and comedic monologue for auditions for roles in plays and film.

  • At Monologues For Women, all our monologues are written with female delivery in mind.
  • We combine that with a fun and intuitive online shopping experience.
  • The checkout process is safe and quickly delivered to you.

The Monologues for Women writers have a strong commitment in your success and believe you should get a monologue that serves your own unique style, that is well written and a monologue that you will be proud to share with your audience.

If you choose a dramatic monologue or comedic monologue or one of both, you have a plan, so choose a monologue at Monologues for Women that suits your needs and leave the rest behind.