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Comedic Monologue - Village Bicycle

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Comedic Monologue – Village Bicycle

Anger fueled by pride and determination are evident in this defiant rant by Sally. Our heroine is being ridiculed by the local gossips for her perceived promiscuity, but Sally’s having none of it. Her counter condemnation of hypocrisy is both humorous, and spot on. Sally’s not shy about her contempt and this lends itself to a rousing, high emotion portrayal.

My Thoughts and Feelings About This Monologue
I think this role is great for anyone who wants the underdog, the outcast, to win. Although a stock character (outcast/rebel), Sally lends herself to a depiction chalk full of gestures and vocal pitches that allow an actress to be expressive in a multitude of ways. While being funny, this role is also penetrating in its tackling of stereotypes and mores.


Azriel Johnson

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