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Dramatic Monologue - Jackson

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Dramatic Monologue – Jackson

Mesmerized is the word I would use to describe the female lead of this monologue. She is relating a story of passion, non-sexual passion, about a man she saw while sitting in a book store one day. She randomly gives him the name of Jackson. The ensuing detailed description of his physique is a labor of love. Not love of Jackson, but of the aesthetic beauty of his body.

My Thoughts and Feelings About This Monologue
My feelings about this monologue quite honestly are that it will be difficult. Mesmerized and physically attracted are two very hard traits to portray in 2 minutes. However, that being said, for anyone willing to put in the time and practice on this piece will definitely stand out from the crowd of fellow actors who are sure to be trying out for the same role. Attraction without sexual overtone takes a truly well-acted audition, and the actress that pulls it off, will get noticed!


Stephen D. Locklear

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