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Dramatic Monologue - He Wasn't Lost - He Was Taken

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Dramatic Monologue – He Wasn’t Lost, He Was Taken

As a young woman who lost her husband in one of the towers on 9/11 this, at times intense dramatic monologue, tells of how she learned of her husband’s horrific fate and the ensuing aftermath. Laced with emotions, the young protagonist tells of her baby’s premature birth due to the attack, and her subsequent emotional obstacle course in dealing with it now.

My Thoughts and Feelings About This Monologue
To say this monologue is awash with emotion is an understatement. This character is going to allow the actor to tap into a vast array of emotional memories including personal tragedy, national sorrow, and the joy of new life. With just the right amount of nuance and intricacy, this dramatic monologue for women should make a great addition to every repertoire.


Stephen D. Locklear

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