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Dramatic Monologue Yogurt

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Dramatic Monologue – Yogurt

This dramatic monologue is replete with typical emotions easily identified with by ladies who’ve ever been in a seemingly stagnant relationship. As Carla laments her 5 year relationship, heading nowhere, she realizes she is becoming bitter. Calling up emotional memory to identify with this protagonist won’t be much of a leap.

My Thoughts and Feelings About This Monologue
I would recommend this to female actors who’ve been in, or are familiar with stagnant relationships that appear to be going nowhere, and definitely causing bitterness. Carla wants more out of her 5 year relationship and appears to be weighing her options. And while her emotions in the beginning are typical, this sets the tone of her boredom well. However, the denouement brings a delightful surprise that any auditor will see as worth the trip.


Azriel Johnson

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