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dramatic monologue - A Time To Move On

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Dramatic Monologue – A Time To Move On

As we join Yanka and Ivan we see them in an increasingly heated discussion about the future. Yanka worries about food and safety, and the more Ivan tries to put her fears off, the more animated she becomes. Yanka is fierce and determined in the defense of her children’s future, and no matter how much Ivan protests she will not be ignored.

My Thoughts and Feelings About This Monologue
This is a gripping monologue. I was personally invested in Yanka by the end of the first few sentences. This is an excellent role for any actress who has had to call on inner strength to overcome adversity. The emotion drips from this woman like someone poured honey over her head. Slow and ever building, Yanka is a strong, determined woman in a harsh time. A substantive role to capture any audition panel.


Stephen D. Locklear

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