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In short, the license is to protect our buyers (hopefully that’s you!) and the monologues they purchase from becoming diluted by being published in any way for free or for monetary gain.

Your Rights With The Monologues:

[Yes] For personal use
[Yes] Can edit, extract, change the content
[Yes] Can record the monologue in personal video(s) and put the personal video(s) online
[No] Sell or give away copies of the monologue
[No] Publish the monologue online
[No] Publish the monologue in a book (virtual or physical)
[No] Can use your name as the author

Monologues For Women and/or our Authors retain copyright on all monologues. After five years, Monologues for Women and/or the monologue authors can publish the monologues as they see fit (you get five years of use from the monologues before anyone else!)

If you have questions, please contact us.

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