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Common Questions

What is Monologues for Women?

Monologues for women are approximately two minute long monologues.  Each monologue is written to high standards with an author, followed by a several readings for quality, and then finally an editor’s approval before being released.

Each monologue is only released an extremely limited amount of times.  This ensures you get a top notch monologue that hasn’t been over used and burnt out by thousands of other people.


Who can benefit from this and how?

Women who want to stand out from the crowd without having to “over act” just to appear different from others that may use the same tired monologues over and over.


Which monologue do you recommend?

Our authors are commissioned to create exceptional monologues for either dramatic or comedic auditions.  Know your audience (see our blog for tips) and what would stand out for them.

If you aren’t sure, grab a dramatic and a comedic monologue and practice them both in front of family, friends, and a mirror and be ready for the big day.  This way you can adjust what you want to present based on what you experience on the day of your audition.

Above all, enjoy yourself!


How do I use these monologues?

A monologue is similar to taking a journey in someone’s life.  To bring that character to life like no one else can.

How you use this journey is up to you, from just having some fun with family and friends as well as with the all too important auditions.


Can anyone use these monologues?


If you’ve purchased the monologues, you can of course use them for your personal


Others cannot use the monologues.  We have restricted the monologue to your use only.  We do this to maintain a super high quality experience for all our monologue buyers.  Thank you for considering this!


What Does Quality Content With Limited Distribution Mean?

Monologues for Women provides monologues that are only sold to a small number of people, usually around 100 people.

Compare that with monologue books that have many thousands of buyers!

A source such as “101 monologues” sounds great, but most people end up choosing the same ones in the book naturally gravitating towards the best ones. This makes that bargain monologue book an even less of value.

We want our monologues to help you be a star and let you shine – be unique!


License Terms

In short, the license is to protect our buyers (hopefully that’s you!) and the monologues they purchase from becoming diluted by being published in any way for free or for monetary gain.

Your Rights With The Monologues:

[Yes] For personal use
[Yes] Can edit, extract, change the content
[Yes] Can record the monologue in personal video(s) and put the personal video(s) online
[No] Sell or give away copies of the monologue
[No] Publish the monologue online
[No] Publish the monologue in a book (virtual or physical)
[No] Can use your name as the author

Monologues For Women and/or our Authors retain copyright on all monologues. After five years, Monologues for Women and/or the monologue authors can publish the monologues as they see fit (you get five years of use from the monologues before anyone else!)

If you have questions, please contact us.


How many words do the monologues include?

We state the number of words for each monologue in the online monologue description for your convenience.

Please Note:

Total word count will also include (if any) additional text directly within the monologue such as…

(she hesitates) or (Character begins to shout) etc.

All monologues have a goal of delivery in two minutes.  Natural style and delivery may require you to modify the monologue to fit within two minutes.




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