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Dramatic Monologue - The Funeral Home

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Dramatic Monologue – The Funeral Home

As a young woman sits with a funeral home director, she is distracted and over wrought by the news she just received. The doctor earlier that day, informed her that she’s had a miscarriage, and she is dealing with all the trauma and emotion that goes with it. She tries to get the details of the funeral taken care of, but the dialogue shows her grasping for a handle on the situation.

My Thoughts and Feelings About This Monologue
Unfortunately many will know someone who’s had a miscarriage, or perhaps even experienced it themselves. It would be hard to name what she’s feeling, but this monologue is chock full of pain that will be emotionally accessible. These types of roles, when done correctly, can touch the auditors and leave a lasting impression.


Stephen D. Locklear

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