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Comedic Monologue - An Empty Nest - Just In Time

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Comedic Monologue – An Empty Nest – Just In Time

Our protagonist was a very good lady. She was a good wife and mother, until it was time too not be good. As she enters her first collegiate classroom, maybe for the first time, she is a bit out of her element until she notices “him”. The him refers to the man inspiring long dead, and brand new feelings within her from across the room. She daydreams in amusingly, naughty ways about him and eventually conquers her timidity and ends up in a new relationship.

My Thoughts and Feelings About This Monologue
This is a story of metamorphic transformation of an older woman who had a good life and now wants to extend her “good life” by being a little bad. The irony and comedy of the situation is fodder for any comedic actress. If embracing change in the face of fear is something you know about, or can draw on, then the culmination of this piece will be something you work hard to get to in your journey to become this woman.


Stephen D. Locklear

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