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Comedic Monologue - Rapunzel

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Comedic Monologue – Rapunzel

Letting down her hair is not something Celeste is willing to do, especially to anyone who translates “letting down her hair” as code for sex; which is exactly what this laugh out loud monologue does. Our protagonist makes it clear through emotionally charged humor that she is not willing to give up her hair to just any “Prince Charming”.

My Thoughts and Feelings About This Monologue
This monologue is great for the smartass extraordinaire. Dripping with sarcasm, and sexual innuendo, and yet hinting at the search for something deeper, this verbal assault is wonderfully light hearted. It explores the fantasy of every little girl wanting to be a princess, and destroys the element of that fantasy which requires the princess to be “rescued” by a man in shining armor. Here’s a chance to be an actress; to show the little princess . . . who might kick your butt if you’re not careful.


Azriel Johnson

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