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Monologues for Women

A good monologue can make or break an audition, so take your time and really look into different options of monologues for women. This is your chance to show the casting director that you can truly become the character. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you’ll have to do a unique monologue that haven’t all been heard before. Shakespeare monologues of all kinds are common to hear, and the casting director might have heard that particular one before. Once he or she hears a monologue more than once, it might be hard to separate one from another. Even if you portrayed a character very well, the director could still reject you simply because he or she didn’t remember you well enough. You never know what piece another actress has used recently, so do your best to stay away from the most popular monologues for women.

monologues for women word "acting" on stage

Imagine yourself here! It’s gonna take some work.

Traits of Good Monologues for Women

When sorting through your choices of monologues for women, pick something with a lot of emotion that both relates to you as a person and the character that you are auditioning to play. If you are auditioning for the role of Blanche Dubois, you will probably want to pick a very dramatic monologue that shows some sort of sadness. You wouldn’t want to pick something from a comedy or an uplifting segment of a play because that won’t show the casting director that you can do the job for which you are auditioning. Take a careful look at each of the monologues for women that you consider. Does it relate to both yourself and to the character audition? There are many styles of monologues for women, each with unique characters with their own problems. If you take time to look through a list, you’re bound to find a suitable choice.

Think about your potential character’s main goals and how the relate to female characters in other plays or films. Is the character you are auditioning for struggling with racial tension? Try one of Celie’s or Sofia’s scenes from The Color Purple or a part from the newer The Help. Search for films or plays that have the same theme, or one where the characters are struggling with a similar problem. Realize that other actresses might be taking the same approach and might choose the same monologue because it related so well to the character that everyone is auditioning for. To combat this, do your research and go beyond just the surface of works that seem similar to the piece for which you are auditioning.

It’s important to choose a suitable monologue for the audition, but also realize that you can monologues_for_women casting callmake almost all monologues for women work for many auditions if you have practiced it well and can truly become that character. The casting director is not looking for just someone who can identify similar pieces of work; he or she would rather see a well-performed piece that doesn’t relate as well to the audition character than a monologue that relates but is not performed well.

Unless the casting call specifically asks for it, you don’t have to stick to a monologue from a play. Contemporary films can also offer some great new choices in monologues for women. Because there are more women’s roles in contemporary films and plays, you might have a better chance of finding one that you like. Just remember that many other actresses might have the same idea. Choose a monologue from a movie not just because you like it but also because it suits the needs of the audition.

Women auditioning for a comedic role will want to find a good list of humorous monologues for women.

  • Mark Twain wrote an excellent short story called Eve’s Diary, and parts of it can be used for a comedic, romantic monologue.
  • If you’re looking for a romantic comedy piece with a little more ethnic flair, try the monologue from Yiddish Love.
  • You could even look to the recent comedy Mean Girls for some very funny words from Regina. 
  • CSI: Neverland has a piece for a 911 operator that can really be played up and made to be an over-the-top act, which could be great when auditioning for a comedy of the same caliber.

Dramatic monologues for women aren’t hard to find either.

  • You can always do the common Blanche Dubois or Cleopatra.
  • Why not try something that you might be more familiar with, such as some of the speeches that Ripley gives in Alien?
  •  If auditioning for a younger character in a sad work, you could choose a monologue as Susie Salmon from The Lovely Bones?

When picking one of the dramatic monologues for women, don’t just decide on one based on how old the play or film is. It’s okay to pick newer pieces; there weren’t as many monologues for women in many older plays, so take the opportunity to choose one that you love.

Research Several Parts for Monologues for Women

In the end, you might have to do more research than you’d like in order to get the best monologue possible. Just remember that you need to make the right choice for you, don’t settle for anything that doesn’t have plenty of emotion and understanding. On the other hand, though, don’t limit yourself to something you already know. Be willing to learn a new monologue if you feel it is the right fit. Take some time to truly think about your monologues for women; the casting director will notice your dedication.

Developing and Performing Funny Monologues for Women

Developing and Performing Funny Monologues for WomenHow hard is it to be funny?  “Very hard,” said the actress who was not well prepared for her funny monologues for women.  It’s not a good feeling to be standing in front of someone wishing you had taken the time to do things you could have easily done by putting in a little time and effort.  When talking about auditioning for a potential role, that feeling of regret should never happen.  Preparedness for a funny monologues for women is something every director and talent scout will be looking for.

What it Takes to do a  Good Funny Monologues for Women

Many actresses think that they have what it takes to act, and that simply showing up will get them noticed.  Some think looks are all it takes; others think that a good speaking voice is the key.  Actors who think this way are rarely successful in the acting industry.  It’s a little like all those kids who play sports hoping to be in the Professional Leagues.  It’s different however, in the fact that a little prep, a small dose of courage and a bit of talent may be enough to actually have the “job” of actress.

Where to Start

Selecting a Monologue

This may actually be the hardest part of auditioning.  There are so many things to consider when performing for a panel which will decide if you’re “good enough” or “right” for their needs.

  • Your acting strengths
  • Needs of the director
  • Needs of the role within the piece
  • Style of comedy in the piece

Before you ever step foot on a stage you should have already performed this funny monologues for women so many times that you naturally become the character.  Taking into consideration all the things mentioned above and meshing them together is the trick.  Are you good at this style of comedy?  Are you at all like the character in your monologue, and how can you combine the best of you and this imaginary person you are trying to create?  When preparing, do some research on the director and producer.  What have they looked for in the past?  Is this type of funny monologues for women something they have seen and appreciated in the past?  All of these are things you can find out by simply looking on line for past productions.

Time to Become your Character

Now you have chosen the appropriate funny monologues for women, it’s time to prepare for the actual performance at your audition.  It’s not just about picking someone you think is:

a)      Funny

b)      Likable

c)       Known

An audition monologue should be a character you identify with on some inner level; a spark of familiarity and concern.  You should have several monologues prepared at all times, and each one should be that fictional soul partner.  With a funny monologues for women the character will have to be funny and likable, but is this woman someone you can portray in the manner you perceive them.  The only way to tell if you and this character have what it takes is to perform the monologue; over and over again.


Practice now becomes the paramount concern for mastering this funny monologues for women.  Do several different kinds of practice.

  • Practice with a scene partner
  • Practice by yourself
  • Practice in front of an audience (any and all audiences you can get)

A monologue by definition is solo, but at the same time may involve a conversation you are having with another character.  It’s a good idea to start your funny monologues for women practice with another person.   This not only gives you an image to see internally when you are on stage by yourself, but it’s also that uber-important idea of practicing with an audience.  The idea, to receive feedback on your monologue.

Once done with “memorizing” practice, it’s time to fly solo.  Do this piece so much, that you literally do in your sleep.  You will need to start doing it alone now, and begin the process of setting the scene of this funny monologues for women in your mind.  Still try to have an audience to perform for though.

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Fellow actors
  • Other people front the industry

All of these make good observers.  The point of doing this is two-fold.  You want to alleviate your nerves as much as possible, and you want their feedback.  Put aside feelings and really listen to what’s being said.  I guarantee you will find useful tips among the comments.

Now go Act Hell Out of Your Funny Monologues for Women

You have prepared and practiced your funny monologues for women. Now go out on stage becoming this funny lady you’ve worked so hard to master.  You only have about 90 seconds to wow the auditors, but your hard work will show, and eventually you will spark something in one of those judging your ability.  Then the magic of your funny monologues for women will really begin.

How to Prepare Monologues for Auditions

monlogues for auditions girl auditioningSo, you want to be an actress.  You’ve taken some classes and you feel you’re ready for the next step. You hunt for and arrange an audition; maybe for a theater or film production, or maybe you’re auditioning for entrance into a performing arts school.  Now the question becomes how do I prepare for such an important event?  How does one prepare monologues for auditions?

Monologues for Auditions:  Picking a Monologue

Monologues for auditions are hard to find.  It isn’t that there aren’t many out there, nothing could be further from the truth.  It’s just that there are not many great ones out there.  Notice I said “great” ones and not good ones.  That’s because auditors have heard a million actors in their line of work and to get noticed among a million you have to have something special.

In looking for that perfect female monologues for auditions role to show your stuff with, you need a character that is:

  • Engaging– An auditor needs to immediately be invested in this person.

As a UIL Impromptu Speaking Coach I know that it’s all about the first two sentences.  If you don’t have them by then, it’s pointless.  You have to find that perfect part that lets you explode over the auditors.  They can’t help but take notice of this woman.  The great monologues for auditions have this quality.

  • Has Depth– This person has something in her character and actions worth expressing.

Do you remember a particular scene where you felt like you were right there with the actor, or it made you cry?  I’m sure most folks do, and that’s what you’re shooting for with this monologue.  You want the audition panel to come with you on a journey, emotional, intellectual, or spiritual; oh, and it all has to take place within about 2 minutes.

  • Similar enough to you, so that you can accurately play the part (height, weight, age, etc.).

Don’t try to play a 16 year old girl if you’re 37.  You want to act and you know what parameters you’re comfortable in, so use that knowledge to make a decision when picking monologues for auditions.

Monologues for Auditions:  Preparing for Your Monologue

What goes into preparing for an audition?  There are basically three things to do once you’ve made the choice.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    monlogues for auditions actresses waiting to audition

  • Memorize the Lines
  • Develop the Character
  • Practice, Practice, Practice

When you have your monologue it’s time to memorize the lines until you literally hear them in you sleep.  It’s best to tackle a little at a time.  Few people can memorize more than a few words at once.  Maybe start sentence by sentence and don’t move on till you have a good grasp on it.  Add more and more as you become adept at the previous material.  This is the method most actors use when memorizing monologues for auditions.

Once the material is firmly in you memory, and you feel you could at least recite it back as a stampede of cattle ran past, then it’s time to apply your “acting skills” to the character.  Developing the character is the part of the process that requires the most precision.  Learn this character and her:

  • Surroundings
  • Situation
  • Purpose

All these aspects of your audition piece will allow you to develop the nuances that make a character come to life, and allow you to put the auditors right there in the scene with you like we talked about before.  Monologues for auditions are so often trite and over acted, but with a little prep work you can engage the audition panel in a wholly unique way; and unique is what you require to get chosen for a part.

OK, now you’ve memorized the lines and developed the character, it’s time to Practice!  With each repeat of the performance it becomes more natural to you; like new skin you’ve grown from someplace deep inside.  Practice in front of:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Anyone you Know in the Industry

Listen to their feedback and use it to enhance your monologues for auditions performance (Caution: too much change is not good once you’ve determined your character and approach.)  Remember, many auditors say they see lots of actors who come to auditions unprepared, don’t be that girl!

Final Thoughts

Monologues for auditions are not easy to do.  You have to find, prepare, and nail that perfect piece which showcases your talent, and you have to do it all in about 2 minutes.  Do your homework and practice.  Which of the monologues for auditions you choose is important, and how you prepare it can mean the difference between obscurity and the role of a lifetime.

How to Prepare for Comedy Female Monologues

Your mom called and talked about dad’s pigeon toes.  Carol came by and you two talked about the ass she comedy female monologues bernadette peters on stagewent out with last night.  That marketer called and you conversed with him in words you save only for special occasions.  These and many other conversations happen every day, and a comedy female monologues is no different.  You are naturally quite practiced at the art of speaking with other people.  As you prepare for and eventually audition for a part recall them for inspiration.

The Art of Comedy Female Monologues

As you begin to choose and prepare a comedy female monologues try to think of each dialogue you read as a conversation you would have, or will have every day.  With enough research and practice it can seem like any other natural discussion.

Who ya talkin’ to?

Every conversation has more than one person.  Even in a conversation with yourself you have an audience, You1 and You2.  There is always someone who is listening to the words coming out of your mouth.  Think about how you interact with all the people in your life.  Whether:

  • Family
  • Friend
  • Acquaintance
  • Co-worker
  • Daily required contact (bus driver)
  • Total stranger
How to Prepare for Comedy Female Monologues woman in character

It’s important to master the character’s mannerisms.

All of these potential dialogues can be used to enhance your comedy female monologues.   Use your daily      conversations to observe how an interaction might naturally sound in various situations.  Once you have a grasp on how your own conversations go, it’s time to study the dialogue in your comedy female monologues and meld the two together.  Finding the strengths of you and your potential role’s conversation skills will only lead you to a better monologue performance. Mixing the two styles into one smooth “voice” is the goal of any acting monologue.  Bring out the best of both worlds.

Why are you talking anyway?

We communicate to:

  • Inform
  • Express emotion
  • Learn (ask questions)
  • Persuade

It’s your basic “types of sentences“ from 5th grade English.  We all talk to people each day and our comedy female monologues is no different.  In doing your preparations for your audition, explore not only who is this conversation with, but why are you having it in the first place?  Relate that to your comedy female monologues; what’s so funny about this interaction?  In order to determine this aspect of your characters, you will need to explore the entire piece you chose your monologue from.  Who’s even the funny one?  Are you funny?  Are you the “straight man”? Without an overall knowledge of the themes and intentions of the play, movie, or book, your comedy female monologues can seem disjointed.  It can even make you appear unprepared as an actress.  Not something you want to happen at any audition.

Speaking with another person involves reacting to that person as you interact.  Recall some of those           everyday conversations we talked about earlier.  Get the image in your head and then try to apply those images to the comedy female monologues you will be doing.

  • Your stance
  • How you work your hands
  • Facial expressions
  • Voice tonality

All these intricacies add to the audition panel’s vision of the conversation you are trying to create.  You are showing them what you see in your head and inviting them to share your inner screen and enjoy the performance. Watch the Sue Heck monologue below and notice how her timing and  flow add to the hilarity.

Final and Most Important Preparation for a Comedy Female Monologues


Practice, practice, practice.  Words to live by when preparing for an audition.  Whether doing a solo monologue or a conversation piece, try rehearsing with a partner.  The feedback provided can be key in the development of your character and thus your comedy female monologues.  Try using several partners.  You will get various and sundry advice; listen and apply the useful information given by the ones you trust enough to perform with.

Take note of all those “intricacies” talked about earlier.  Literally, take notes.  Write down the things that you notice about your interactions with these other players. When you feel ready to start rehearsing your piece without the partners, visualize those absent actors.  Playing the movie in your head, can reinforce the image you give off to the auditors.  Placing others in the story is the aim of all acting.  You can take the audition panel on a short comedic journey with you by following these few tips on how to prepare for your comedy female monologues.


Tips on Comedic Monologues for Women

There’s only one reason to do a comedic monologues for women, and that’s to show off!  An audition is your time to present yourself to directors, producers, talent agents, and other industry personnel.  You’re there to get their attention and say look at what I can do. They’re there to see what you can do, and this is a time to show them what you want them to know about your acting ability.  You decide what to say and how to say it.  It’s a comedic monologues for women woman on stageunique time for an actress, so use it wisely.

What It Takes to do Comedic Monologues for Women

An audition is at best tense, and at worst nerve wracking; comedic monologues for women all the more so.  Comedy is hard.  It’s a horrible feeling to deliver what you perceive to be your best comedic line and have it fall flat.  Trying too hard to deliver a good comedy audition makes an actress seem like she has over reached, and forcing it even more makes the auditors think you are a bad actor.  That’s why there is a need to keep it simple when it comes to comedy monologues.  Portray someone similar to yourself:

  • similar in age
  • similar personality
  • even similar looking (if possible)

Don’t do crazy, exotic characters.  No accents or particular quirks.  Show the audition panel you, and make it you at your comedic best.

Other Tips to Consider When Doing Comedic Monologues for Women

Where to get your monologue?

The important thing to remember about getting your monologue is to do your research.  Never write your own monologue, unless specifically asked to do so.  There are many books of comedic monologues for women.  Try to find monologue books that come from actual productions and not ones written just for auditions.  Also, look for monologues of your own choosing.  Famous movie, play and book quotes are excellent sources.  They can be contemporary or nostalgic.  Make sure not to use one that has been overused.

How many should I have ready?

The more prolific an actress is the more she is considered for various roles.  Having a repertoire of comedic monologues for women is a definite must have for any up and coming actress.  In the particular case of comedic auditions, try to make your various monologues just that, various.  There are many styles of comedy you can choose form:

  • Character driven
  • Improvisational
  • Satire
  • Slapstick

These are just a few of the more popular forms of comedy.  Whatever the style of comedy audition you choose, try to have a wide range of stylistically different monologues.

How long should my comedic monologues for women be?

No longer than 90 seconds.  The last thing you want during an audition is to be stopped in the middle of delivery.  Awkward! Ninety seconds is enough time to show off, and enough time for the auditors to see if you have what they’re looking for.  This is your mini-show, so use the time to act!  Don’t stand there like a bump on a log blah-blahing, move around.  Keep the appropriate distance from the panel, but use gestures and movement to enhance your comedic monologues for women.

What takes place during an audition?

  • headshot/resume
  • piece and character
  • monologue
  • gracious exit

Read the audition notes when you receive your instructions, or listen carefully to the person running the tips on comedic monologues for women b 2 woman in front of auditorsaudition.  The auditors want to know they are going to have actors who can follow instruction, and not have to waste time repeating things.  You will usually be able to give the audition panel your resume and headshots.  Do this quickly without engaging in conversation unless asked questions directly.  The directors and agents aren’t there to talk.  They want to see your comedic monologues for women and not carry on a conversation.  Don’t explain your scene; just say the piece and character you will be portraying and get on with it.  Once done return a “thank you” if given and walk off.  They’ll stop you if they need anything more.

Final Thoughts on Comedic Monologues for Women

Remember comedy can be a tricky thing to do well, so stay within your range and personality.  Keep it simple and short.  About 90 seconds is plenty of time.  Choose your comedic monologues for women wisely by doing the research from a variety of sources.  Be professional and yet pleasant.  Most important be ready to show yourself off.  A well done comedic monologues for women can make or break an audition, so give it your best.

Tips on Comedic Monologues for Women

Tips on Comedic Monologues for Women famous comedic actressesIn looking over tips on comedic monologues for women, an actress must realize that it’s not a casual thing to get up in front of, what is usually, strangers and pretend to be someone else so convincingly that the people you are performing for want you to do it for a role.  It takes dedication and resolve to make people laugh.  One must be fearless and poised under fire.  Inherent in the hard work are the concepts of “researching your role” and practice, practice, and finally . . . wait for it . . . more practice!

Things to Know When Performing Comedic Monologues for Women

Know what your director is looking for out of a role, then fit those expectations to the perfect monologue.  What is the director’s style of comedy?

  • Satirist
  • Straight humorist
  • Gag man/woman

These and many other genres of comedy can provide the appropriate comedic monologues for women.  Talk with others who have worked with the director or producer.  Find out their likes and dislikes.  It never hurts to ask for help with any part of the process.  You can see this takes doing some homework.  It’s worth it for the role of a lifetime.

There are a multitude of places an actress can go to do research on a particular comedic monologues for women.  The internet provides a multiverse of sites that can give you information ranging from styles of directors, to specific monologues that one could choose if she were to find that it fit the role she was auditioning for.  As said previously, ask questions of those familiar with the industry.  Using your resources to explore as

comedic monologues for women man and woman laughing

It’s obvious if you do comedy right.
By Emanuele Spies from São Leopoldo, RS, Brasil (;funny!) [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

much as you can about the different aspects of the auditioning process is smart.  This is also a time to be fearless.  Talk to everyoneyou can:

  • Acting coaches
  • Acting teachers
  • Other directors/producers
  • Other actresses

Information is valuable, it reduces fear.  Learning as much as you can about your audition will help you pick the appropriate comedic monologues for women.

Learn All You Can

In doing your research, learn all you can about the piece you are trying out for.  Not just the part you want, but the entire thing.  This will give you an idea of the message you should be trying to convey through your comedic monologues for women.  What is the history of the film or play?  Is it topical in today’s world or more nostalgic?  Perhaps most important about your impending work, what makes it funny?  This leads us back to an aspect of the work we already talked about, the type of comedy you will be expressing.  Your audition should match the style, genre, and intent of the piece itself.  Being the odd actress out in an audition can be very counterproductive.  Not to say you can’t try to distinguish yourself with originality, but it is a delicate balance.

Looking at a piece from a new perspective is good, but be cautious in how far you stray from the original style.  Comedy is hard enough to “act out” without crashing and burning from going too far.  It starts to look forced.

Most Important Tip on Comedic Monologues for Women

Here is where the practice pays off.  Take every opportunity you can to stand in front of an audience and rehearse your comedic monologues for women.  It doesn’t matter who it is, just do it.  Practice your comedic monologues for women in front of people as much as possible.

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Classmates
  • Other industry people

It’s only through this practice and feedback that you can start to get a true sense of the monologues worth, and even develop those little intricacies that start to develop your character to its full comedic potential.

Finally, when it becomes time to make an actual selection for your comedic monologues for women, look to a variety of sources.  Films, plays, books (specific to your role), and rarely, even the internet.  As long as you stay within the theme and intent of the comedy, you should have a plethora of material to choose from.

Let’s review.  In choosing a comedic monologues for women, know that it’s going to take work.  Start with researching you director. Look at his or her preferences, and progress through the piece, studying its style and intent.  Look at the play or film’s place in the world of comedic entertainment, and then match your style to fit your character’s need.  Last but not least, very not least, practice your comedic monologues for women as often as you can, and in front of an audience every time you can.