Tips on Comedic Monologues for Women

There’s only one reason to do a comedic monologues for women, and that’s to show off!  An audition is your time to present yourself to directors, producers, talent agents, and other industry personnel.  You’re there to get their attention and say look at what I can do. They’re there to see what you can do, and this is a time to show them what you want them to know about your acting ability.  You decide what to say and how to say it.  It’s a comedic monologues for women woman on stageunique time for an actress, so use it wisely.

What It Takes to do Comedic Monologues for Women

An audition is at best tense, and at worst nerve wracking; comedic monologues for women all the more so.  Comedy is hard.  It’s a horrible feeling to deliver what you perceive to be your best comedic line and have it fall flat.  Trying too hard to deliver a good comedy audition makes an actress seem like she has over reached, and forcing it even more makes the auditors think you are a bad actor.  That’s why there is a need to keep it simple when it comes to comedy monologues.  Portray someone similar to yourself:

  • similar in age
  • similar personality
  • even similar looking (if possible)

Don’t do crazy, exotic characters.  No accents or particular quirks.  Show the audition panel you, and make it you at your comedic best.

Other Tips to Consider When Doing Comedic Monologues for Women

Where to get your monologue?

The important thing to remember about getting your monologue is to do your research.  Never write your own monologue, unless specifically asked to do so.  There are many books of comedic monologues for women.  Try to find monologue books that come from actual productions and not ones written just for auditions.  Also, look for monologues of your own choosing.  Famous movie, play and book quotes are excellent sources.  They can be contemporary or nostalgic.  Make sure not to use one that has been overused.

How many should I have ready?

The more prolific an actress is the more she is considered for various roles.  Having a repertoire of comedic monologues for women is a definite must have for any up and coming actress.  In the particular case of comedic auditions, try to make your various monologues just that, various.  There are many styles of comedy you can choose form:

  • Character driven
  • Improvisational
  • Satire
  • Slapstick

These are just a few of the more popular forms of comedy.  Whatever the style of comedy audition you choose, try to have a wide range of stylistically different monologues.

How long should my comedic monologues for women be?

No longer than 90 seconds.  The last thing you want during an audition is to be stopped in the middle of delivery.  Awkward! Ninety seconds is enough time to show off, and enough time for the auditors to see if you have what they’re looking for.  This is your mini-show, so use the time to act!  Don’t stand there like a bump on a log blah-blahing, move around.  Keep the appropriate distance from the panel, but use gestures and movement to enhance your comedic monologues for women.

What takes place during an audition?

  • headshot/resume
  • piece and character
  • monologue
  • gracious exit

Read the audition notes when you receive your instructions, or listen carefully to the person running the tips on comedic monologues for women b 2 woman in front of auditorsaudition.  The auditors want to know they are going to have actors who can follow instruction, and not have to waste time repeating things.  You will usually be able to give the audition panel your resume and headshots.  Do this quickly without engaging in conversation unless asked questions directly.  The directors and agents aren’t there to talk.  They want to see your comedic monologues for women and not carry on a conversation.  Don’t explain your scene; just say the piece and character you will be portraying and get on with it.  Once done return a “thank you” if given and walk off.  They’ll stop you if they need anything more.

Final Thoughts on Comedic Monologues for Women

Remember comedy can be a tricky thing to do well, so stay within your range and personality.  Keep it simple and short.  About 90 seconds is plenty of time.  Choose your comedic monologues for women wisely by doing the research from a variety of sources.  Be professional and yet pleasant.  Most important be ready to show yourself off.  A well done comedic monologues for women can make or break an audition, so give it your best.