How to Prepare Monologues for Auditions

monlogues for auditions girl auditioningSo, you want to be an actress.  You’ve taken some classes and you feel you’re ready for the next step. You hunt for and arrange an audition; maybe for a theater or film production, or maybe you’re auditioning for entrance into a performing arts school.  Now the question becomes how do I prepare for such an important event?  How does one prepare monologues for auditions?

Monologues for Auditions:  Picking a Monologue

Monologues for auditions are hard to find.  It isn’t that there aren’t many out there, nothing could be further from the truth.  It’s just that there are not many great ones out there.  Notice I said “great” ones and not good ones.  That’s because auditors have heard a million actors in their line of work and to get noticed among a million you have to have something special.

In looking for that perfect female monologues for auditions role to show your stuff with, you need a character that is:

  • Engaging– An auditor needs to immediately be invested in this person.

As a UIL Impromptu Speaking Coach I know that it’s all about the first two sentences.  If you don’t have them by then, it’s pointless.  You have to find that perfect part that lets you explode over the auditors.  They can’t help but take notice of this woman.  The great monologues for auditions have this quality.

  • Has Depth– This person has something in her character and actions worth expressing.

Do you remember a particular scene where you felt like you were right there with the actor, or it made you cry?  I’m sure most folks do, and that’s what you’re shooting for with this monologue.  You want the audition panel to come with you on a journey, emotional, intellectual, or spiritual; oh, and it all has to take place within about 2 minutes.

  • Similar enough to you, so that you can accurately play the part (height, weight, age, etc.).

Don’t try to play a 16 year old girl if you’re 37.  You want to act and you know what parameters you’re comfortable in, so use that knowledge to make a decision when picking monologues for auditions.

Monologues for Auditions:  Preparing for Your Monologue

What goes into preparing for an audition?  There are basically three things to do once you’ve made the choice.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    monlogues for auditions actresses waiting to audition

  • Memorize the Lines
  • Develop the Character
  • Practice, Practice, Practice

When you have your monologue it’s time to memorize the lines until you literally hear them in you sleep.  It’s best to tackle a little at a time.  Few people can memorize more than a few words at once.  Maybe start sentence by sentence and don’t move on till you have a good grasp on it.  Add more and more as you become adept at the previous material.  This is the method most actors use when memorizing monologues for auditions.

Once the material is firmly in you memory, and you feel you could at least recite it back as a stampede of cattle ran past, then it’s time to apply your “acting skills” to the character.  Developing the character is the part of the process that requires the most precision.  Learn this character and her:

  • Surroundings
  • Situation
  • Purpose

All these aspects of your audition piece will allow you to develop the nuances that make a character come to life, and allow you to put the auditors right there in the scene with you like we talked about before.  Monologues for auditions are so often trite and over acted, but with a little prep work you can engage the audition panel in a wholly unique way; and unique is what you require to get chosen for a part.

OK, now you’ve memorized the lines and developed the character, it’s time to Practice!  With each repeat of the performance it becomes more natural to you; like new skin you’ve grown from someplace deep inside.  Practice in front of:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Anyone you Know in the Industry

Listen to their feedback and use it to enhance your monologues for auditions performance (Caution: too much change is not good once you’ve determined your character and approach.)  Remember, many auditors say they see lots of actors who come to auditions unprepared, don’t be that girl!

Final Thoughts

Monologues for auditions are not easy to do.  You have to find, prepare, and nail that perfect piece which showcases your talent, and you have to do it all in about 2 minutes.  Do your homework and practice.  Which of the monologues for auditions you choose is important, and how you prepare it can mean the difference between obscurity and the role of a lifetime.