Monologues for Women from Plays Comedy Collections Work for You

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A monologue for women from plays comedy is defined as a prolonged talk or discourse by a single speaker.  For those not familiar with monologues, they are most often used during acting tryouts when an actor reads for directors or agents to get a role in a play.

Monologues for Women from Plays Comedy

The main thing to do during an audition monologues for women from plays comedy is display your acting talent. It’s your chance to show talent scouts what you can do as an actor. Nearly all talent representatives and directors are in search of skilled actors with experience, but for a new actress that delivers a great monologue it can mean the difference between getting noticed and disappearing into obscurity.

Directors look for an actress that can deliver comedic monologues.  A high-quality monologue ought to be among 1 and 3 minutes in length.  In order to keep potential directors, agents, and talent scouts from getting bored, you need a monologue that will maximize your talent in the shortest amount of time.  Many acting executives have very busy schedules and allow very little time to be impressed by new talent.

A Collection of Original Monologues for Women from Plays Comedy

Each one of these unique monologues for women from plays comedy might be usedby students, performers, and  managers for educational or training purposes.

Veronica from Curse of the Pharaoh’s Kiss:

A hilarious comedy set in 1930s Egypt. It is a  comedic tribute to Hollywood’s golden era cinema and adventure series. In this humorous monologue for a female role, Veronica Melville is trapped in the mausoleum of an early pharaoh. As she gives details of her predicament to Rodney Guthrie,  hilarity ensues.

Unfortunately this video was removed!

Beatrix’s Act Two Monologue from Promedy:

In this comic monologue, Beatrix confronts Dante, a conceited comedic bore. Throughout her dialogue she encourages him to get the merriment manager to the Prom. This is from “Promedy” by Wade Bradford.

Mrs. Claus Dumps Santa:

These innovative individual  monologues for women from plays comedy illustrates Mrs. Claus breaking up with Santa. It can be used in a variety of monologue situations.

Roller Coaster Monologue:

This monologue concerns a woman who tries to break up with her lover whilst traveling on a roller coaster. It serves to portray the absurd comic story.  This monologue presents a great opportunity for any young actress to shine.

Comical Monologue from Tomorrow’s Wish

This creative monologues for women from plays comedy may be utilized by actors, students, directors for learning or training reasons.

More Tips on Monologues for Women from Plays Comedy

High-quality monologues come from a variety of sources, including visual media, novels, occasionally the internet, but monologues for women from plays comedy, is a very specific genre. When you have not studied a lot of comedic theater, you will need to research a little to get the best monologues. Ask your acting coach or teacher for assistance to choose the perfect monologue for your needs.

When you discover monologues for women from plays comedy that appear to have potential, read the rest of the piece.  You’ll need to discover the theme/tone of the play.  Without it you couldn’t possibly get the scope of the play into your 2 minute monologue.

Keep in mind that you require a high-quality monologue. A monologue is a clip from the existence of a personality. Remember your monologue is a tryout for a part.  It’s not:

  • a recital
  • spewing memorized lines out
  • a debate
  • something you have to do

Your audition should include  body language, some facial expressions, and verbal dynamics. A great monologue can convey not only your acting ability, but your passion for a craft not many have the passion for.

The correct preparation for your monologues for women from plays comedy is vital. Practice and memorize a little of your monologue each day. The goal is to not have to look at your paper during the audition.  Do your monologue in front of your friends who know theater.  Directors, other actors, fellow students of the craft and just good friends will all give good feedback.

Your foremost concern in doing  monologues from a play is to convey the character your portraying and get the part. Keep in mind the small audience and the small amount of time you will have to do your monologues for women from plays comedy, and nail it!