How to Find Female Monologues

How_to Find Female Monologues actress on stageSo you want to be an actress, but don’t know where to start.  Find a play; find a female monologues, and FIND A ROLE! It sounds hard, but don’t      worry it’s much harder than it sounds.  Not to discourage, but not everyone can put themselves into the mind, heart, and actions of another.  In order to do that, you are going to have to do some homework and find just the right role for you to show your stuff.  Without that perfect female monologues, your chances fall dramatically.  It’s a crucial step to getting where you want to go in your acting career.

Where to Start Searching for Your Female Monologues

Many directors, producers, and talent scouts say that as many as 90% of all actors who lose rolls, do so because they don’t have the right audition piece.  There are several things to think about when choosing a female monologues.  A monologue must be suited to:

  • Your own personality/style
  • The director’s needs
  • The play or movies needs

Don’t try to over reach in your choice of female monologues.  If it’s a supporting role in a comedy, don’t do Macbeth.  Stick to things you enjoy and play well, not things designed to be grand and impress.  Pick a role the director might want to see.  This requires research and balance.  You may not want to do a role the audition panel has already seen; to be compared to someone who has already done the role well is not a good start.  Finally choose a female monologues that suits the role you are auditioning for.  Do homework on the upcoming play or film.  Explore the tone and themes of the piece and taper your acting arrow to those particular proclivities.

More Considerations When Searching for Female Monologues

Now comes the time to figure out the logistics of your audition.

  • How long
  • What genre
  • What to wear
  • Voice qualities

All of these are serious considerations when it comes to choosing an appropriate monologue.

A good time limit for your monologue is about 90 seconds.  That way if you start to go over, you will probably still have time to finish.  You don’t ever want to be stopped by the audition committee.  Leave them wanting more!

Stick to the style of the film or play.  Don’t over act your audition and stay within the theme of the piece of work you are trying out for.  Don’t try and do something from outside the genre of your audition role.  If it’s a comedy, stick with comedy.  That doesn’t mean you can’t be daring and innovative, on the contrary.  Make them notice you by picking the right monologue to show your acting chops.  This is where preparation will play a big roll.  There are so many sources of female monologues to choose from that as an actress you are going to have to limit your scope.  It takes work and trying out numerous potential monologues, but with a little effort you can find the right piece to get you noticed.

Getting yourself noticed also has to do somewhat with your look.  Not too flashy, not too dull.  It can beHow to Find Female Monologues sample monologue a delicate balance.  So unless the audition notes mention it, don’t show up in costume. But, don’t show up in shorts and flip-flops either.  Only superstars are allowed that kind of eccentricity.  Moderation and appropriateness are important.  You can try to subtly put you own twist on appearance, but too much can seem awkward.

Finally, be sure to practice with other people who know theater, film, or acting in general.  You need to be heard, and heard in an appropriate manner and volume. I’m sure many a great actress has had difficulty getting a part because they were either too soft spoken, or too loud, which comes off as overacting.   Recite your female monologues to:

  • Acting coaches
  • Acting teachers
  • Fellow actors/students
  • Anyone familiar with the process

In conclusion, when looking for female monologues to use during an audition, be sure to follow all these simple tips.  It’s a little work, but work in an industry and situation you probably love, and may have even dedicated your life’s work to.  Do research for that perfect piece that suits the style of the play or film.  Try to keep the audition panel in mind when choosing a female monologues, and stay true to the “soul” of the role your trying out for.

Finally, make sure you have chosen a female monologues that is time appropriate,  a matching genre, and makes you look and sound ready to act.  Like you were born to do female monologues.