Finding Monologues for Women by Women to Use at Auditions

Many women these days pursue acting careers and in doing so, start by finding monologues for women by women.  In order to get the acting role you have been wanting for so bad all your life, you have to come up with a great audition, and every actor knows that the audition is all about the monologue.  Some tryouts are specific as to what you have to use for your dialogue, but in an open casting call, it is very possible, indeed likely, that you will need to find a monologue written by a woman.

What to Look For in Monologues for Women by Women

Although men are very capable of writing monologues for women, it is the unique perspective of a woman that an actress seeks when she attempts monologues for women by womento find tryout material written specifically by other women.

  • A feminine voice
  • Singular female vision
  • Womanly perspective

All of these are things that only a monologues for women by women can bring to an audition.  Men and women obviously have differing ideas about the world we live in, and it’s that difference that an actress values in her take on the acting world.  The vision presented by a female writer is the very thing desired when looking for the gender specific audition material.  Rarely will the “tryout instructions” require a monologue written by a female, but rarely will they forbid it either.

Why Monologues for Women by Women are Ever Increasing in Quality

A traditionally male writing world is now much more open to women.

For years women were relegated to the kitchen and were occasionally allowed to have a baby.  Hearing a woman’s viewpoint on most subjects was just not a consideration.  Today however, is a much different, much more enlightened story.  And it’s very likely that story was written by a woman. Monologues for women by women are much more prominent in this day and age because it’s socially acceptable for women to write and express their:

  • Private thoughts
  • Ideas (political and social)
  • Emotions
  • Oppositional  views

There are more women’s writing organizations than ever before.

Monologues for women by women are also on the rise due to the incredible amount of writing organizations that women have access to.  There are actually more women’s writing groups than there are men’s.  Like before, this is due to the increased self-awareness and self-expression of women.  In picking an audition monologue, an actress has a virtually limitless supply to choose from.  She can simply type into a search engine her needs for her particular monologue, and outcomes literally hundreds, if not thousands of possibilities.

Women are more likely to collaborate and ask for help in picking or preparing monologues for women by women.

Finding Monologues for Women by Women to Use at Auditions woman writingGuys are notorious for never asking directions and often times end up lost.  (This has never happened to me personally, but I’ve heard about it.)  Whereas women don’t as often feel that particular need to “do it on their own”.  It would follow that this willingness to seek advice will spill into other areas of female life.  Writing monologues for women by women is an area where many collaborations between female artists has produced some amazing audition possibilities.

Technology has Connected Women of the World Like Never Before.

Whether you like it or not, you can’t deny the impact of the internet on all forms of media and entertainment.  People are now literally seconds from almost any place on the planet.  Women looking for a variety of quality monologues written by women are no different.  Now a good audition monologue is at every actress’ fingertips.  Women are utilizing this tool to find other women expressing their emotions in way worthy of emulating.

Final Thoughts on Monologues for Women by Women

Whether auditioning for a play, movie, commercial, or school production, if you are a female actor these days, you have a vast array of monologues that were written by females, specifically for females.  With social advances and technological access to writings by women from all over the world, it’s no wonder women have more acting options than ever before.  Using those monologues for women by women is a big step toward advancement of the craft and the gender.