How to Audition With a Comedic Monologues Female

How to Audition With a Comedic Monologues Female reese witherspoon in bunny suit

Many great actresses play comedy roles.

You’re at a job interview and as you sit down your stomach is full of butterflies.  Suddenly, you hear the word, “Begin,” and realize you’re at a comedic monologues female and it’s not a job interview, or is it.  So many young actresses go to an audition with the same attitude you would have at an interview for a “regular” job.  If you approach your comedic monologues female like it’s a position you may or may not get then you’re doomed to obscurity.  To get that role you want so dearly, you have to treat it like the joy of your life.

Things to do to Prepare for Comedic Monologues Female

To prepare for an upcoming audition an actor must do exactly that, prepare.  You wouldn’t go to any other job situation unprepared, so don’t make that mistake for a monologue.  Preparing for a comedic monologues female requires several things:

  • Research on the monologue /part you choose
  • Practicing the audition piece repeatedly
  • Obtaining feedback on your performance

All of these require a great deal of time and effort in order for you to achieve the desired goal of being a working actress.


Doing research on a role requires that you look at the entire movie, play, or book you choose your comedic monologues female from.  Know the themes and intentions of the piece you have chosen.  What is the basic thing the author of the dialogue you chose is trying to say? Try to keep your audition in that same vein.  Research also means looking extensively into the character you are portraying.  What’s funny about this person, and why should anyone care about it?  Look long and deep at many possible comedic monologues female before choosing the one that’s right for you and your potential employers.


Practice makes perfect.  So do lots of it, and then when you think you’ve done it enough and you’re ready, do it some more.  Then when you’re sure you’re ready, do it in front of an audience.  Not just one audience, but as many audiences as you can muster.  Look to a variety of potential onlookers.

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Fellow actors
  • Anybody familiar with you and/or the acting industry

You’ve heard the saying “Everyone’s a critic!”  Well, you should hope so.  Put aside your ego and really listen to what is said about your comedic monologues female.  You’ll get helpful feedback if you can listen well enough.

Think Ahead

This is not the same kind of prep we have been talking about.  Like other “job interviews” you need to know the answers to potential questions before they come up.  With auditions you need to be ready for any eventualities that may arise.  What method, style and attitude will you use throughout the audition?  Most comedic monologues female should  be between 1-3 minutes long.  That’s not long to make adjustments in your approach if the panel asks you to.  How will you handle it if the auditors ask you to change your voice, or age of delivery?  What if they want the comedy done in a different style?  Be prepared for change.  “It’s a brave girl who in the face of trials, can kick back and party.”  Be that brave girl and be prepared to treat your comedic monologues female like the party it should be.  You’re doing them a favor by gracing them with your talents, not them judging you.

During Your Comedic Monologues Female

You’re there and you’re prepared.  You’ve researched and practiced, and even steeled your attitude for anything they might throw at you.  Now what?  Above all be professional.  That doesn’t mean stuffy and liturgical.  There is a fine line between spontaneity and unprofessional.  You must act as if you live on that line daily.  The best way to do that, learn where that line is, and stay on it.

Come in and set the tone with courtesy and respect for your audience.  Even if they are aloof, they will appreciate it.  When you enter:

  • Hand over your head shots and resume
  • stand the appropriate distance from the table (app. 10 ft)
  • then act

Don’t twitch or show your nervous ticks. Enjoy the character you have chosen.  Their comedic monologues female is funny for a reason.  Try to express the love you had in choosing this particular character, for your auditors.  Be sincere.  Many directors and agents smell nervousness like dogs smell fear.  Sincerity and love for your craft will conquer much.  Use your passion to defeat the evil butterflies.

Final Thoughts on Comedic Monologues Female

Auditions are a nervous thing.  There’s no way around it, but there is a way through it.  Be prepared, practice, and present yourself an actress portraying a character you love.  These tips make for a good comedic monologues female.