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Monologues for Women Comedic From Plays for a Stage Audition

Selecting the correct audition monologues for women comedic from plays can make all the difference in the career of an actress. Monologues are such vital actor devices when it comes to receiving work, particularly when you are auditioning frequently on open calls. Actresses are routinely requested for a dramatic or comedic role, or like often […]


Various Ways On How To Create Monologues For Women

Audition judges can be tough.By DianeSunshineCoast (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsThose who do a lot of acting may want to learn how to create monologues for women. The directors may be looking for new types of monologues from aspiring actresses. If one is wanting to ensure they do not continue to struggle with […]


Preparing Monologues For Women

The monologue is not only a speech said to someone else, or a psychological drama, nor is it a one-woman show, but an exercise to be performed in front of the stage. The silhouette of the speaker is not unfamiliar, but plainly familiar, from the passions of the character he/she portrays. The backstage is […]